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September 24, 1994, Time
Jeremy "Chip" Warlick ('89)
was not identified on this cover of Time
(with the "H" looking thingy on his helmet)
Chip on Time
Sept. 24, 1994, Chip made the cover of Time during the Haiti mission; the "almost" war
where 11 planes were en route to jump into Haiti, but Col. Powell was able to convince
the Haitians on a peace treaty, so the mission was called off mid air.
The photo was taken by a newspaper reporter using a telephoto lens.
They never identified Chip in the photo since no Army "tabs" are visisble;
however, Chip identified himself as he was walking through the grocery store.
When Chip's wife, Rebecca Iammarino Warlick ('89), became employed by
The Fayetteville Observer (who employed the photographer of the pic)
we finally were able to identify that soldier for them.